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Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj

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Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj
Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj

Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj (1894-1974)

Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj gave the task of carrying on his spiritual work to Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj. Well versed in the comparative study of religions, Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj was able to make the teachings easily understood by people in the West. He presented spirituality as a science.

Traveling to the West three times and touring India extensively, he spread the spiritual teachings well beyond the boundaries of India. He established Sawan Ashram in Delhi, India, where seekers from around the globe could learn the art of meditation and spiritual living.

In 1956 in Delhi, he gave the inaugural address to the Ninth General Session of UNESCO. His speech World Peace in the Atomic Age is a road map for attaining world peace.

His ability to unite people of different religions based on the commonality of all faiths resulted in his unanimous election as president of four World Fellowship of Religions Conferences, 1957, 1960, 1965, and 1970.

In 1974, Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj held a conference aimed at uniting people not only at the level of religion, but at the level of their common unity. In February 1974 he convened the First Human Unity Conference, bringing down the barriers that separated people and uniting them as one common family.

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