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Study on Stamina

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Yale Study on Stamina and Vegetarianism (Guess Who Wins!)

A study was done at Yale, by Professor Irving Fisher, that compared the stamina and strength of meat-eaters against that of vegetarians. He selected meat-eating athletes, vegetarian athletes, and vegetarian sedentary subjects. He found that "Of the three groups compared, the ...flesh-eaters showed far less endurance than the abstainers (vegetarians), even when the latter were leading a sedentary life." Overall, the average score of the vegetarians was over double the average score of the meat-eaters, even though half of the vegetarians were sedentary people, while all of the meat-eaters were athletes.
(Fisher, Irving, "The Influence of Flesh Eating on Endurance," Yale Medical Journal, 13(5):205-221, 1907)
U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Dept. Of Interior, Bureau of Mines, Pg. 3.) .(Duggan, R, Pesticides Monitoring Journal, 2:140-52, 1969); Reported in Diet for a New America by John Robbins


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