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Vegetarian Athletes

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Vegetarian Athletes

Paavo Nurmi - 20 world records in distance running, 9 olympic medals

Dave Scott - Only man to win Ironman Triathalon more than twice - he won six times

Sixto Linares - World record holder for 24 hour triathalon, swim 4.8 miles, cycle 185 miles, run 52.5 miles

Stan Price - World record - bench press

Andreas Cahling - Winner - Mr. International body building champion

Roy Hilligan - Winner - Mr. America body building championship

Ridgely Abele - Winner - 8 national championships in Karate, including U.S. Karate Association World Championship

Robert Parish - Starting center for Boston Celtics, at age 36, 7'3", 260 pounds

Murray Rose - World records - 400 and 1500 meter freestyle

Robert Sweetgall - World's premier ultra - distance walker

James and Jonathan deDonato - World records - distance butterfly stroke swimming

Estelle Gray and Cheryl Marek - World record - cross-country tandem cycling

James Donaldson - Starting center for Dallas Mavericks, 7'3" 290 lbs.

Source: John Robbins, Diet for a New America


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